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About us

Als NSD - Naval Ship Designs, a Greek team of designers, specialists, and scientists that has been active for more than 11 years in the design and engineering of warships for Hellenic Navy or the Hellenic Coast Guard.

The Als NSD - Naval Ship Designs members have participated in the design / engineering, or construction of almost all ships that have been constructed in Greece and delivered to the Hellenic Navy or the Hellenic Coast Guard, indicatively such as Fast Patrol Boats, Diesel and H.F.O. Carriers, Missile Fast Attack Crafts, Offshore Patrol Vessels, Gun Boats, Frigates, Frigates Modernization, Submarines, Fast Attack Missile Crafts, etc.

In addition to warships, Als NSD members have also been actively involved in the design / engineering or construction of a variety of merchant vessels, such as Cruise Ships, Refrigerated Ships, dozens of Dry and Liquid Cargo Ships, etc.

A trianglified ship figue